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Don’t Be ‘That Girl’ Anymore! Shoe Vending Machines Pop Up Outside Vegas Clubs!

As a Vegas local lady for past 14 years, I have seen my share of women tramping through the casinos, rockin’ their best Saturday night look (regardless of what night it is) … and doing the dreaded ‘barefoot walk through the casinos! EWE! Not only do you instantly look like a ‘hot mess’ and guys won’t want to talk to you, but girl, it’s gonna take a serious pedicure to get that black off your feet! This is why my girls and I, and most Vegas local ladies vow to never be “that girl”. But despite our pride and efforts, it’s probably happened to us all at least once…we just didn’t care and wanted those super sexy heels that cost a fortune, and made our butt look great, off our feet and maybe even straight to the trash!

Yes! Its Paris Hilton photo credit: Getty Images
Yes! Its Paris Hilton
photo credit: Getty Images

Behold, Vegas clubs have gotten hip to this nightmare and finally you can see ‘shoe vending’ machines popping up outside of nightclubs all around town.! We have Vegas local, 27 yr old Ashley Ross to thank for her company behind the vending machines called Rollasole USA .In it you can purchase cute little flats, that even come with a little carry tote $20, and yes you can use them again. So remember to “party responsibly” next time &  keep a pair stashed in your purse so you can  keep your head high as you strut through the casinos looking sexy and confident, sans bare feet…because you know you aren’t “that girl” – MJ

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