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Body After Baby with MJRadioDiva: BODY PUMP

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After having my first child, a little over 2 years ago,

Vivian Monroe 2yrs

I like many new moms, was determined to Do It All and not let an excuse of having a child hold me back on anything I aspired to…because Moms can do it all, right! That included getting my body back! I think it’s an honest and real fear for many women, wondering how your body will respond to pregnancy…so many horror stories! But I tried to focus on all the success stories to keep me inspired to do the best I can! 2 years later, I still have work to do, but I am proud of my progress & feeling stronger, healthier and more confident in my skin than ever.  I’ve spoken to many friends and moms about what worked for me & I wanted to share the workout that really made a huge difference in my body. I tried all kinds of fun classes after baby, some with my daughter and some just for me and you can click on these links to find some other fun fitness classes to try:

Body After Baby with MJ: Mommy and Baby Yoga

Body After Baby with MJ: Stroller Strides 

Body After Baby with MJ: Stretching

The biggest change I saw in my body is when I began taking BODY PUMP classes at LVAC (which has childcare playroom, so I never feel guilty!)

Body Pump Instructor Hayley Fife & MJ

 A full body workout, incorporating light weights set to music, working through all the muscle groups in the body. I was always been into kickboxing, pole, dance cardio, yoga etc… But always shied away from weights…in the fear of getting “too bulky” which I realized is a myth! To really change the ‘shape’ of your body, grab some weights! THIS IS A GREAT WORKOUT IF YOU ARE PREGNANT TOO, you can modify along the way, it will help you stay strong throughout your pregnancy and also help with recovery. This is the perfect class for beginners too, because it teaches you proper form and teaches you how to break down muscle groups and understand what workouts you can do to focus on them. 

Squats…my favorite! Body Pump

This is actually the class that has inspired my #SquatSongChallenge I do live on air on X107.5 every Thursday 11:30, tune in & I play a song and you attempt squats through the whole song. We always go Facebook Live on the X107.5 page! Join us next Thursday (and click here to see how it goes down.)

The reason I love taking classes so much, is because they push you, they motivate you not to give up and help you push past your boundaries…and “who” that is, is the incredible instructors! My favorite, Hayley Fife!  

About to rock some Body Pump at LVAC – Hayley Fife with MJ

I’ve been taking her classes for over a year and she continues to kick my ass! I love her no nonsense with a smile motivation! She always mixes things up, with great music and killer workouts, so you never know what to expect..but it’s her energy she shares with us, that keeps us from falling over and giving up! I was so inspired by this class and the teachers, I myself, have started my process towards my Body Pump 100 certification, in hopes of leading and inspiring through teaching this class to others as well. I encourage you to give it a shot! Check out Haley’s classes at LVAC, she also teaches H.E.A.T by LVAC or Sandbag Express or see if your gym offers Body Pump and give it a shot…it just might become your new thang too. Xo MJ

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Fit Pregnancy Mom Rocks Fitness - You Can Too

Mom Rocks Fitness with MJ: Shakti Buddhi Flow

Feelin’ ‘woke’ after an awesome Shakti Buddhi Flow class

As a new mom, well she’s 2 now…

Vivian Monroe 2yr

You kinda still feel like you are trying to get your body (mind and soul) back…maybe even still lose that baby weight, and it might be 20 yrs. later! Because, let’s face it, after having kids, your body has changed forever, doesn’t have to be an unfortunate change, but it’s defiantly different. Now that you have some mini me demanding all your attention, how do you find time to focus on your fitness goals without the guilt? You may enjoy my blog series ‘Body After Baby with MJ’ where I took a bunch of fun fitness classes around Vegas, some with my daughter and some just for me that might inspire some ideas for you.

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Fitness has always been a passion of mine, it always makes me feel stronger, more confident and always inspired! 2 years later for me, it’s less about getting my ‘body back’ and more about getting my ‘groove’ back! I’ve been doing a lot of weight training, which has really helped shape my body, but I’ve missing that creative outlet that dancing and more creative movement gave me, so I set out to find some more fun fitness classes around Las Vegas!

Last night, I tried ‘Shakti Buddhi Flow’ a yoga flow, infusing Pilates and creative dance with instructor Amy Raven

Twerk action in the Shakti buddhi flow class with Amy Raven and MJRadioDiva

Awaken Shakti! This fun and fierce high energy class incorporates hard hitting beats, hip hop dance influences, Booty shaking, and rhythmic yoga sequences. This type of movement and connection with your body helps you unlock your lower energy centers and connect with your creativity, sexuality, and wild nature. 

Sdie planking with Amy Raven and MJRadioDiva

You can try it Tues 8:30pm at Evolution Yoga. 

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Whens the last time you just let loose and danced without alcohol or the club? Not only did I  get an incredible workout with the yoga  and pilates fusion adding weights and the ball, but the creative dance breaks throughout were awesome cardio and just what I needed to shake loose. I’ve been taking classes with instructor Amy Raven, for years, she teaches all kinds of classes from yoga, pilates, aerial, hoop, pole and more and has tons of eclectic workshops to open your mind body and soul, so reach out to her to find out more! She knows how to bring it.  Her energy is intoxicating, inspiring and she just moves you! This is a class to be experienced to understand it’s wonderful power! Let’s just say, Mama ‘got here grove back’.

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