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Prenatal Fitness with MJRadioDiva – Aqua Fitness

One of the most important things in my life is to feel healthy and strong by staying active..and having fun doing it! Being pregnant is no excuse for me either (I’m currently 21 weeks with my 2nd, a Lil dude coming in Christmas!)

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So, I’ve been trying to keep up with my fitness routine: weights, cardio, dance and yoga. Recently while swimming in my pool, I was thinking how FREE I felt…weightless and this movement you can only feel in water! (Being pregnant I tend to feel like a land whale at times, haha.) So, I knew it was time to finally try one of the water workouts at my gym. There is a ‘stigma’ with aqua classes though…that it’s ONLY for elderly folks, NOT TRUE! It’s for everyone, because you can modify the intensity to your needs, so you can kick it up or down. It’s actually perfect for all ages and stages, especially if you are a fitness beginner, obese, struggling with a recovering injury, pregnant or a seasoned pro looking to add some variety to your workout! The best part… you don’t even have to know how to swim! Growing up on swim teams, I love the challenge in the water and it gave me a killer workout!

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MJ doing flutter kicks during class, talk about booty burn!! 

I asked my Mom if she would join me, she is still recovering from knee surgery and this was perfect for her to get back into the game. We laughed so hard & giggled through class, because it was so fun & we got an incredible workout! I am an LVAC member (which I think is one of the best gym deals in Las Vegas) & they offer tons of different styles of Aqua Classes and plenty of other classes for whatever you are looking for. We went for the most challenging called RAPID LIQUID CARDIO (burning 600 calories per hour) it was a blast! We used paddles, and water weights and lots of kickboxing moves to fuel resistance…all set to music!  Led by an awesome instructor named JOE, with his infectious energy he guided us with smiles and intensity while clearly demonstrating the movement, he stood outside the pool and drove us to not give up, work harder and went through the motions with us non stop!

Instuructor Joe & MjRadioDiva flexing with the pool weights

He was working up quite a sweat with us ( I even found out after he had just taught a Kettelbell class prior too, Go Joe! I would def reccomend his classes!)

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What other class can you relax and catch your breath like this?

I would encourage anyone and EVERYONE to try an Aqua Fitness Class, especially if you are pregnant like me and looking for some fun, freeing movement with a great resistance & cardio burn.


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