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Mom Rocks Fitness with MJRadioDiva – Beer Yoga

I know your first question, and it was Hefeweizen! (My choices were: light, med, dark or hef) Only $20 for beer and yoga. 

This was a fabulous day out on the weekend for a 1st…a workout with coctails! A perfect mom date too, I grabbed my girlfriend Ashley (also mom to a 3 yr old and in need of a fun, self indulgent break) and we headed to the Hofbrauhaus Las Vegas and had a beautiful vinyasa yoga flow set to music in the beer garden with a delicious beer. We sipped slowly and honored our practice by keeping it light and fun. I aked Ashley what she thought of the class, “Talk about a balanced lifestyle, yoga and beer! I look forward to the next event! ‘Namastay Wild'” says Ashley. Bring a friend who has a beautiful energy to share in this with like I did.

We giggled holding our warrior 2 poses while taking a swig…








…and I could still do this!

and finnished with a nice relaxed savasana

 Click to reserve your spot a the next Beer Yoga: Sunday May 2nd

Be on the lookout for this once a month event at Hofbrauhaus, great for 1st time dates, meeting like minded yoga and beer enthusiasts and even for 1st timers, I think giving them a beer helps take the seriousness out of the stigma people unfamiliar with yoga can have. It was super chill and I look forward to the next event.