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MJRadioDiva Interviews: Two Feet

(Behind the interview)

At our annual OBC (Our Big Concert) for X107.5, I got to interview new artist Two Feet. Before that I ordered a vodka and redbull, because it was going to be a long night with 5 bands…so I was feelin’ good, real good! Come to find out, thery were serving up TRIPPLE SHOTS in those drinks (shout out to the Downtown Las Vegas Events Center) Who knew you had to specify you only want a ‘single’ …versus, please, NOT a tripple.  Everyone was pretty wasted and we all laughed about how drunk we were unsuspectingly..and that it all made sence!

Anyhoo…I had some choice questions, f bombs..ya know, what makes sence for an interview taking place 3 drinks in. Click here and enjoy!