Favorite Websites Las Vegas Scene Relationships The Best Place To Cougar Hunt In Las Vegas

According to , The Lakes Neighbourhood declared ‘Cougar Capital of Las Vegas’

So if you are a 20 something cub, looking for a mature, sexy confident woman, maybe consider taking a bike ride in the neighbourhood…with your shirt off! (just sayin) – MJ

  • coming in at #2 Summerlin North & #3 Sheep Mountain.

If you are a hot cougar, or single cub check out, a fun site to catch and play! See below for de’TAILS, hee hee.

Who is the typical member?
  • Cubs are typically in their 20s, with most being between the ages of 25 and 29 years old.
  • 54% of Cubs have a college or university degree and are looking for a mix of fun and mentorship from their Cougar companions.
  • 47% describe themselves as athletic – all the better to hunt down a Cougar for a date!
  • Most Cougars are single moms (33%) and entrepreneurs (57%)
  • 47% have never been married
  • Most Cougars are in their 30s and early 40s with the average age being 39



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Favorite Websites Life Hacks Mom Rocks Fitness - You Can Too Relationships Crush Your Goals…Finally! and it’s FREE!

Today marks 3 weeks past the New Year, which, studies say by 21 days you are able to successfully form a new habit. So ask yourself if you have conquered that New Year’s Resolution? Are you struggling to achieve your goal?

Who says we need a New Year to make a change? The time is now to strive for your dream for yourself and take steps toward your vision. This site is an excellent tool to help you stay on track, by helping you put goals on autopilot.
It checks in on you daily to ask how you did, and it tracks your progress. The first 30 days of forming a new habit are the most critical and it will check on you daily by keeping the “why you are going for this” fresh in your mind. Finally conquer that New Year’s resolution this year…even if today or tomorrow is the day you begin again. Believe in yourself, what you have to lose!?


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Favorite Websites Las Vegas Scene Relationships : A Dating Site For Locals and Tourists

Whether you are a Vegas local looking for a hot date or traveling to Sin City looking for someone to have fun with… is the spot!

The site combines social networking with Las Vegas to create a location specific friend finder/dating website.  The Vegas Hookup specializes in connecting like-minded individuals, (singles or couples) traveling to Sin City with other travelers and residents. You can find a friend to gamble with, scout the best restaurants, see a show, etc…The possibilities are endless! All you have to do is fill out the online form, indicating the dates (or a range of dates) in which you’ll be in Vegas and the site does the rest. A special filtering system is in place, allowing members to narrow or broaden their search, depending on wants and desires. THE BEST PART IS, ITS FREE, and the site promises to stay that way!!

WHY LOCALS LOVE IT:  There is also a ‘Vegas Locals’ section, separating those who live in the city from those just passing through. What do you have to lose, besides your inhibitions? You could meet a sexy stranger from around the world, or an amazing catch right here in your own backyard!  – MJ


“The idea for the site stems from the reality of people being shy and scared to make that first move. Just because you’re in a place like Vegas doesn’t mean that all of a sudden you’ll be brave. Everyone wants to have a wild time in Vegas, and I want to help that happen! It’s really that simple,” says website creator and owner Jamie Brewster.


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Favorite Websites Las Vegas Scene Mom Rocks Fitness - You Can Too

Things To Do In Las Vegas with MJ: Explore Las Vegas Hiking & Biking Trails

October is one of the most beautiful months in Las Vegas. The weather is sunny, cool and perfect for getting outdoors for some fresh air activities and I found some great hiking and biking trails that you may have never even heard of!

If I wanted to shoot off for a ride, I could easily find some incredible trails in Lake Mead, Red Rock Canyon or Mount Charleston, but due to recent government shutdown, they have closed all the beautiful national parks that are best taken advantage of at this time. So I had to go looking for other fun routes. My first thought was why not just ride down the Vegas Strip, BAD IDEA, it’s just not safe and the stop and go takes away the momentum from a great bike ride, although it would make for a fun day of walking the 7.5 miles. Then I stumbled upon this great site :

It has map view and can locate trails from any location you are in and has all the info you would need from mileage, pet friendly, degree of difficulty, ameneties etc. Click and plan out a fun hike or ride on your next day off, and experience another side that Vegas has to offer. I’m planning mine right now. Stay Inspired, Nicole

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