EPISODE 50 – And This Has Been Our Ted Talk

“Join the girls as they sit down for a fun poolside chat…and discuss one listener’s threesome dilemma.”

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  • Find out what happened AFTER the pop up podcast…because there is ALWAYS an after party!
  • Bree talks about online shopping…not just any online shopping…she bought swimsuits and a CAR.
  • MJ and Bree talk about our episode with Gina…Erotic City.
  • The girls talk about getting some sexy photos done and shout out their photographer Tyler at TSL Click.
  • Bree talks about making new friends and how she has a friend date with Luella from the Vegas Playground Podcast.
  • The girls respond to a listener email about a three way…JUST YOU WAIT!
  • When was the last time you did something for yourself that you were passionate about? MJ and Bree share their passions…

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