Things To Do In Las Vegas with MJ : 7 Reasons I Love Living In Las Vegas

Where to start? One of my favorites being, this city NEVER shuts down! Being a part time insomniac and night owl, I love being able to go to the gym, grocery shop, testing my $$ luck or just get up and get dressed up for some fun in the middle of the night. But there are many other fabulous things about living in Vegas:

  1. Lowest taxes in the nation! Did you know that is true for Nevada, and we have the tourists to thank for that, especially the ones who love to gamble. Every time they play, we win with more funding for things like roads, schools, parks etc. (So be nice to them, when they deserve it)

2. The Best Chefs in The World! They just love opening resturaunts in Vegas, so be sure to scout the casinos for your favorite culinary master.

3. Abundent Parking! Unlike other tourist destinations (um, Los Angelos, New York), Las Vegas has tons of parking whereever you go, which majority is FREE!  So you can skip the extra hour leaving your house in order to find somewhere to park and usually pay.

4. Pool Parties! We may not have the beach (which is only a 3 1/2 hour drive away) but we do throw killer pool parties at all the casinos with live DJ’s, full bar, gaming and the sexiest, fun loving crowd in Vegas!

5. Hiking, Snowboarding, Rock Climbing, Jet Skiing! Love the outdoors, Vegas has something for all seasons.

6. No Car, No Problem! Las Vegas has 24/7 RTC Bus transportation all around the city for just $5

7. Concerts, Shows, Celebrities! Never a dull moment, there is always a concert, daily show productions, and celebrity sightings daily…because Las Vegas is just fabulous!

So much more, just talk to any Vegas Local and they can tell you their favorite things about this city. Pleas comment below on what your favorite thign is about living here…


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