VIDEO! Body After Baby With MJ: Pole Dancing

7 months post partum now, and feeling fabulous! Getting back to my old tricks, not quite where I would like to be yet, but taking my time losing the baby weight by enjoying the journey and getting stronger every week.

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Working out used to be my #1 focus, but now family and my little Vivian come first, and I’m ok with not being like those celebs who are back in rock hard shape after 1 month! I know what comittment like that takes and my precious time with my little one can never be regained. So if you are a new mom, my best advice, take your time and don’t compare yourself to anyone else and do what works best for YOU!

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I have always loved teaching dance and pole fitness, but have taken a hiatus shortly after I became pregnant and now raising a baby girl. I still find time to workout and do the things I love and today I went to my favorite pole dance studio Shine Alternative Fitness and took a pole dance lesson with Talia Marino …she’s a bad ass and an awesome instructor!

Talia Marino, pole instrucotr at Shine
Talia Marino, pole instrucotr at Shine

She was incredible with breaking down the moves and kicked off the class with a fun warm-up too. She taught me a move called the Alegra I have been trying to nail since long before I was preggers…and I did it! WATCH THE VIDEO HERE 

All I need to do now, is learn to ‘HOLD IT’,  but not bad for a new mama getting back in the grove! Long before we had a nursery…it was my pole dance room, so needless to say, we kept the pole in there and the other day, Vivian crawled over to it and pulled herself up on it! Hey, it’s Vegas Baby! MJ

Vivian Monroe 7 month old pole dancer!
Vivian Monroe 7 month old pole dancer!

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MJ pole dance
MJ pole dance

Click here to find out more about all the classes Shine Alternative Fitness has to offer for all levels and first timers in aerial arts.

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